5 October 2014

Christmas Inspiration

We just love an inspiring Christmas window and always make an annual trip down to London each December for inspiration and to do a spot of shopping of course! here are some from the archive which we saw at Harrods back in 2007

30 June 2014

Designer of the month July

Designer Name: Rebecca Humphreys (although my brand is BexieDoodles)
Favourite Place: For the cold climate I would pick Alaska as this was the most beautiful and inspiring place I have visited but equally the most interesting place I have been to was Morocco, rich in culture and vibrancy.
Inspired by: I couldn't just pick one thing that inspired me the most as it depends on my mood. On a warm day I am drawn to the Marina and anything inspired by water, on cool autumn days typically its a mountain scene over looking an idyllic lake with forestry surrounding it. Bright floral prints and vibrant architecture also inspire me.
Describes Her Style as: Diverse with warm floral hints, vintage feel with texture and linework.
Favourite Brands: Cath Kidston (fabulous florals), Mantaray (love their patterns) and have a slight addiction to anything Paperchase.
Pets: Two cats. One ball of grey fur called Misty and another ginger and white tabby called Treacle. I would love a bulldog and name him Vince, but I have been told I am not allowed.
To see a selection of Rebeccas designs or commission please email us info@gibsonholt.co.uk


20 June 2014

NEW Designer

Jen Moules is an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Hampshire, England.
Jen has a passion for nature and wildlife which is often reflected in both her textile designs and illustrative work and her unique design aesthetic combines a range of techniques and materials such as watercolours, inks, collage and even finger painting! Jen’s portfolio and own range of home wares and wallpapers  and an exclusive collection is available through www.gibsonholt.co.uk. Please contact us to view her designs or commission

16 June 2014

Designer of the Month June

My name is Michele and I am a children’s illustrator/surface pattern designer.
Drawing has always been a passion for me, ever since I was a child. Throughout the years my drawing skills have progressed, I then attended university which is where I developed even further. My illustrations are of characters mainly based on nature and also co-ordinate patterns which are made to inspire children’s imaginations and capture their hearts; I always aspire to have children love my designs as much as I do. I also love creating           patterns For further details please email info@gibsonholt.co.uk                                              

28 April 2014

Designer of the Month May

Louisa was born in London and graduated with a BA Hons in Textiles from Manchester Metropolitan University and has worked as a print and pattern designer in both London and New York since 2000.

 Louisa is a fun, enthusiastic and creative designer with many years industry experience in a variety of design fields. Now based in London, her work encompassing limited edition ranges of deckchairs, cushions, mugs, tote bags and iPhone covers is available to buy online through Eyes Wide Art, Skinit and Society 6. Louisa's designs are also used for a wide range of surfaces including homeware, textiles, fashion fabrics and printed-paper products.

 Her work is young, bold, contemporary and influenced by abstract art, Art Deco, Cubism and 1970’s interior design. Her work highlights her eye for fashion as is shown in her clean, strong and uncluttered designs utilising a rich colour palette. Louisa's simplistic graphic and clean approach mixes with playful patterns and textures